Thrift store finds: Galactic Aliens, others.

Today after running I went thrifting for books. My idea was it would help distract me from eating and the walking/driving would burn some additional calories. At Value Village I found this for $1:

It’s a hardcover art book by Alan Frank, from 1979. The cheapest I could find a copy on both eBay and Amazon was $33. It’s a good find I guess, but I’m not excited. I’m having mixed feelings about acquiring more things lately. It depresses me that books are slowly burning because of acids. After today I plan to avoid purchases for the rest of the year and focus on consolidating and organizing.

Here are two more I got, The End of Overeating and The Armchair Economist. I plan to read these two next. It’s fascinating how we humans aren’t fully in control of our own behavior and being governed by our limbic systems. All through out our days, until the end of our lives, we must resist our impulses to do things. If I did what I felt like doing, I’d eat cheesecake and Oreos all the time. I’d probably eat 10,000 calories a day of them. Instead of having a book blog I’d have an Oreo blog where I review different Oreo flavors and recipes. It feels like I should do that, actually.. It’s like we have some kind of slave-lock in our minds that controls us. What if I was able to flip the script? What if from now on I ate using logic and math to get exactly how many calories I need each day at minimal cost and take pleasure out of the equation? I will try. With every fiber of self-discipline I possess, I will try. That would be epic if I was able to do it. It’s just chemicals, f-you biology and evolution I will resist you. You make a world where we get old and want to eat junk food all the time – I will resist you.

Next I got this book on gem cutting. The cover makes me think it’s something I might want to do but…

… then I opened it and saw this picture that looked straight out of a Dickens novel. I don’t think I want to do this anymore. Why do we like gemstones anyway? “Oh shiny colorful things!” I think it goes back to the food thing. They remind us of delicious berries. I wonder if I really will be able to eat just using math and logic. I will really try. How much would such an ability be worth monetarily? $4,000 to $5,000 per year saved on food costs alone I’m guessing. Much more saved later on medical bills, perhaps priceless. Could time be saved as well?

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