Reading in the woods to overcome caffeine addiction

My Grandpa was a last born child in a family with nine children. Like many last born children with older siblings always around to watch over him, he maintained a childish and impractical mentality into adulthood. Generally, he wasn’t good at handling problems, for example when he had a cataract, he refused to get it removed because “he was going to die soon anyway” so he lived the last twenty years of his life with a cataract. However, my Grandpa also displayed an act of extreme willpower which makes me very proud. After decades of smoking cigarettes over a pack of day, he simply quit cold turkey and never smoked again. He did this by going far into the woods and not coming out until he no longer wanted a cigarette. Even though I’m not a deer hunter and woodsman like my grandfather, I believe I can use the same method he did to overcome my caffeine addiction and avoid overeating as I ramp up my running training. I will go into the woods like he did, but only during the days after I run in the morning. I will return only at night to sleep, then I will run and go into the woods again. I will do this through July and August. I will go completely off caffeine and also attempt to cut 8 lbs during these two months so I get back to 115 lbs.

I need to make a kit. I guess this should include, ibuprofen and tylenol for the withdrawal headaches, mosquito repellent. A pack with books and my lunch. a machete. I’m undecided whether I should take my cellphone or not. I probably wont. A gallon of water. If the mosquitoes are too bad despite the repellent, I’ll instead go to one of the wooden scorekeeper towers at the soccer park. I need to plan my meals in advance. I plan to read books on positive psychology and the science of happiness. I really don’t know what I should do with my life right now, but I know I want to be happy. It makes sense then to study the sources of happiness before constructing any type of longer term plans. I’ve also been meaning to read the works of Joseph Conrad for a while so maybe I’ll do that too.

Time is on my side. It’s already getting easier. And I have faith in willpower. Above all I must maintain my faith in willpower. I truly believe, in life, it doesn’t matter how popular you are, it doesn’t even matter what you look like as long as you can just have the wiillpower to do things other people can’t do, you can be a success. My grandpa had this willpower in him so I must also.

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